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  • Vintage Loop-Overs

    Vintage nickel plated loop-overs, the early bath caddies.

  • Vintage Shower

    Vintage shower with old shut-offs added for valves, 63″ high, 22″ ring, valves are 16″ o.c.

  • Vintage Shower c.1900

    Nickel plated shower with a 24″ ring, c.1900 and in excellent condition.

  • Vintage Toilet with Oak Seat and Oak Tank

  • Vintage Toilets

    Fancy old toilets are a sight to behold, but LooLoo defers to the old gurus for high end  inventory and expert advice. Let us know your interest and we will help you make connections.

  • Vintage Towel Baskets

    Vintage towel basket, floor models and wall hangers, all in original nickel.

  • Warrior Doorknobs from the 1870s

    Warrior doorknobs from the 1870s

  • Watercolor by J. E. Reid

    Watercolor by J. E. Reid

  • We Have Antique Plumbing Parts

    We have antique plumbing parts

  • Wedgewood Doorknob from Yale

    Wedgewood doorknob from Yale

  • Well & Cross Silver Plate Tray

    Early 19th C Cross & Well, Sheffield Plate, footed serving platter. A very large platter in early Sheffield Silver Plate with an applied Gadrooned edging, dating to the early 19thC but has a much later presentation plate added to the reverse reading “To Fairleigh S. Dickinson, Jr. President M.S.T.A. 1958-1960, with the members’ sincere appreciation.”

    Measuring18.5″ wide, 24.25″ in length and standing 1.75′ high on large bun feet which are hand-pinned to the tray. Very good condition showing some wear commensurate with age.

  • Wood Hanging Cupboard .1880s

    Wooden handing cupboard c.1880 37″ x 28″ x 6″.