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Vintage Toilets

Vintage Toilets

Vintage Toilets

Fancy old toilets are a sight to behold, but LooLoo defers to the old gurus for high end  inventory and expert advice. Let us know your interest and we will help you make connections.



Vintage toilets are a subject all to themselves and several books are dedicated to this indispensable modern bathroom fixture. This interest in toilets goes way beyond the mechanics, as you will see, because back in the late 19th. Century the shapes, sizes, and decorative designs of these “temples of convenience” were boundless.

Unfortunately, modern life (read: plumbing codes and low-flush ordinances) have made it quite difficult to install a fabulous old toilet in a modern home or reno project. That, plus the fact that there still are some old toilet gurus out there, means that LooLoo does not normally have fancy toilets in inventory. However, we are happy to connect you with those old gurus who will help you find the throne of your dreams.

As an introduction to the world of toilets we’ve posted here some images that will give you an idea of the variety and decorative detail that is extant.