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Rib Cage Showers

Rib Cage Showers

Rib Cage Showers

Rib cage showers, also known as needle showers, are like have a car wash in your bathroom. Many styles were made and LooLoo is always looking for the good ones.



Rib cage showers are the big bat in the line up of vintage bathroom fixtures. The name derives from the circular spray bars which give these dramatic showers a skeletal look. In the old catalogs they are called needle showers because the water is expelled by from tiny holes that result in sharp but soft spray.

Rib cage showers were designed in many styles, from quite simple to some that look like the engine room of the Titantic. The top end models used extra heavy pipes meaty fittings. Special features included dual kidney sprays, sunflower shower heads, mixing chambers–with a thermometer—and even a bidet attachment. Each function has its own valve with “five ball” or “six ball” handle and the whole apparatus was often secured into a large, claw footed shower pan.

Vintage rib cage showers are not easy to find so included here are some images from original catalogs to give you some ideas of what is out there–somewhere.

LooLoo has sold many high end needle showers. Check with us if one of these is on your wish list and we’ll see what we can track down.

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