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Marble Sinks from LooLoo

Marble Sinks from LooLoo

Marble Sinks from LooLoo

LooLoo has parts for marble sinks: tops, bowls, legs, brackets, and other necessities.

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LooLoo has the parts to make up many marble sink in many different styles. Marble sinks are found in houses build from the 1870’s into the early 1890’s. They most often hung from a wall supported by legs or brackets. Often the legs were made to accept a marble skirt under the sink.

Marble sink bowls are most often found round or oval. Some bowls have a bump-out for a drain. A very few marble slabs were made to accept a rectangular bowl.

LooLoo has all the parts to put together some very fancy marble sinks, including double bowl units. Let us know your interest and we will be pleased to work with you. We will usually sell the components separately although some are designated for specific projects. Often, too, the brackets or legs need to be re-nickeled, which we can have done.