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Early Cast Iron Sinks

Early Cast Iron Sinks

Early Cast Iron Sinks

Early cast iron sinks with while porcelain bowls. These date from the 1870’s and 1880’s and usually feature embossed decoration on the bowls.



When sanitation first came into American homes in the 1870’s and 1880’s, the sinks (and toilets as well) were made from cast iron with a white fired porcelain finish inside. Many of these sinks were cast with embossed decoration on the front and underside. Some were designed as wall hanging sinks and of then had a molded back splash. Some of these sinks were designed to sit on a fancy pedestal, but often the pedestal has disappeared so they end up being wall hung like the others.

Due to their age and the fact that over time, most were not well taken care of, it is typical to find these sinks with chipped and cracked porcelain. Often these problem can be repaired with modern epoxy and the sinks will last for at least another few lifetimes. These early sinks are not frequently found and while they at first appear to be rather primitive they are actually quite sophisticated. The quality of the materials and the designs is always high grade, and the history speaks for itself.

Additionally, most of these early sinks are smaller than those made from marble and earthenware, so they can fit well into the smaller, secondary bathroom that most house have today.