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Antique Plumbing Parts

Antique Plumbing Parts

Antique Plumbing Parts

LooLoo has lots of antique plumbing parts but you’ll need to visit us in Portsmouth and do your own search for small parts. We build custom sinks and showers so let us know your special needs on larger items.


When you are in the antique plumbing business you can’t have enough old parts. Many of these become life-savers when we find a great old fixture missing some critical pieces. Some things, such as the showers, seem to show up in parts–the valves, the heads, the rings, etc.–and we collect them for re-assembly.

We try to help people in need, but we just don’t have the time to dig through everything looking for one small item. Plus, many old parts only fit a certain fixture and so matching things up is a challenge.

So if you need something, call and make an appointment to we’ll be happy to let you root around out storage area. Most things are for sale, although some things we earmark for our own projects. If you want to visit us in Portsmouth we can put together a custom sink or shower or we might have a nice set of old faucets or brackets that could be what you’ve been looking for.

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