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Arapaho Indian Bust

LooLoo Collage

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  • Arapaho Indian Bust

    Large painted plaster bust of an Arapaho Indian warrior.

  • Arcade Scale, Weight & Horoscope

  • Architectural Staircase Model

    Architectural model of a spiral staircase 14″ x 24″ high.

  • Brass Market Sign

    Old brass Market sing in excellent condition.

  • Carved Wooden Bather

    Carved wood figure of a nude female bather marked “KVH 43”

  • Cast Iron Greek Revival Finial

  • Critters & Characters

    Odd and unusual critters and characters.

  • Giant Horseshoe

  • Hand Painted Tin Sign “Normal Student”

  • LooLoo at Stamford July 2018

    LooLoo will post monthly views of our space at the Antique & Artisans Gallery in Stamford, CT.

  • LooLoo At Stamford October 2018

    Photos of the LooLoo space at Stamford October 2018.

  • LooLoo Characters

    Some of LooLoo’s favorite characters from the LooLoo collection.