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Very Nice Small Bath Shelf


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  • Very Nice Small Bath Shelf

    Very nice small bath shelf

  • Vintage Bath Cup Holders

    Vintage cup or tumbler holders, most in original nickel finish.

  • Vintage Bath Hooks

    Vintage nickel plated bath hooks.

  • Vintage Bath Mirrors

    Vintage bath mirror are a must for a proper reno project. Call LooLoo to see what is in the current inventory.

  • Vintage Bathroom Shelves

    Vintage bath shelves, many with old glass and all nickel plated.

  • Vintage Combination Accessories

    Vintage combination soap/tumbler/toothbrush accessories in original nickel finish.

  • Vintage Loop-Overs

    Vintage nickel plated loop-overs, the early bath caddies.

  • Vintage Towel Baskets

    Vintage towel basket, floor models and wall hangers, all in original nickel.

  • Wooden Towel Racks

    LooLoo picks wooden towel racks and towel bars.