May 2018 Brimfield Antiques Fair

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The May 2018 Brimfield was strong, with huge crowds and quality sellers. We were in our regular spot on Brimfield Acres North and though the weather was bad on Sunday, the rest of the week was just about perfect.We sold a bit of everything from artwork to garden furniture to jewelry. We bought well and brought back some rare early sinks, a nice shower unit, some great bath accessories, and also a cast iron post top in the form of a corn stalk. Brimfield is still the best antiques market on the East coast. The summer show runs officially begins on Tuesday, July 10, but smart buyers show up a day or two before that. Stop by our space and say hi!; we have cold water for you and your pet.

artwork to hotel ware

LooLoo sells a bit of everything from artwork to hotel ware.


Big Ben and Little Ben clocks

Collection of Big Ben and Little Ben clocks.


antique plumbing

Some of the antique plumbing we found.


4 wire garden chairs

A fine set of 4 wire garden chairs we found and sold.

cast iron post top

Unusual cast iron post top.


Plaster sculptures

Plaster sculptures c. 1940 by Charles Sheldon, creator of the Breck Girl.